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NFL Draft: Cincinnati Bengals Attend Indiana University Pro Day

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According to Chris Steuber (NFL Draft Analyst, formerly with Fox Sports and NF Draft Scout and current Director of Player Personal for an indoor football team), the Cincinnati Bengals were one of nine confirmed teams that sent representatives, checking out Indiana University's Pro Day on Monday.

There were eight players that worked out for scouts, including wide receiver Damarlo Belcher, who admitted to reporters during his Pro Day that his dismissal from the team nine games into the 2011 regular season was due to a failed drug test. Other players that worked out in front of teams includes safeties Chris Adkins, Donnell Jones and Jarrell Drane, defensive ends Darius Johnson and Fred Jones, wide receiver Dre Muhammad and offensive tackle Andrew McDonald.

According to Scout, Inc. player rankings, only four Indiana University players were even worth mentioning, much less rated favorably. Belcher is listed as the 54th-best wide receiver prospect while Andre Mcdonald is ranked as the 52nd-best offensive tackle prospect.