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Cincinnati Bengals Attend Ohio University's Pro Day

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According to someone in attendance, the Cincinnati Bengals are one of six known teams attending Ohio University's Pro Day on Thursday. Other teams that are reportedly in attendance includes the New York Giants, Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns, Washington Redskins and the Green Bay Packers.

Potential prospects from Ohio University includes punter Paul Hershey (positional grade of 11th), inside linebacker Noah Keller (35th), wide receivers Lavon Brazill (42nd) and Riley Dunlop (135th), offensive tackles Joe Flading (48th) and A.J. Strum (75th), running back Donte Harden (67th) and quarterback Phillip Bates (48th).
Note: rankings are based on where they're ranked within their position among the prospects eligible for the 2012 NFL Draft according to Scout, Inc.

It's not unusual for the Bengals to attend most of the local Pro Days, even though there doesn't sport prospects to boast about, such as at Ohio University and Indiana University. However be assured they will attend Ohio State's Pro Day on Friday.