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Schefter: Indianapolis Colts Fielding Phone Calls From Teams Interested In Trading For Dwight Freeney

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According to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter, the Indianapolis Colts are "fielding telephone calls from teams interested in trading" for defensive end Dwight Freeney. The seven-time Pro Bowler and three-time First-Team All-Pro has registered 102.5 career sacks and 42 forced fumbles during his ten-year career after being selected 11th overall during the 2002 NFL Draft.

Freeney signed a seven-year deal worth $72 million with $30 million guaranteed on July 17, 2007. He is scheduled to make over $14 million with a $19 million hit against the cap in 2012, his final season under contract. Unless another team signs the defensive end to an extension, it is rather impractical for that team to acquire Freeney just for one season with a heavy contract that would make it difficult for him to move.

Freeney has generated 6.5 quarterback sacks in his career against the Cincinnati Bengals, including three sacks and three forced fumbles during Indianapolis' 34-16 win over the Bengals on Monday Night Football in 2006. Rookie Andrew Whitworth started at left tackle.