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2012 NFL Free Agency: Bengals Need To Re-Sign Reggie Nelson [Video]

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The new league year officially begins on March 13, which is just a few days away, and in our latest Cincy Jungle YouTube video, I discussed the team's need to re-sign free safety Reggie Nelson as well as issue a warning to Bengals fans when it comes to expecting the team to spend a lot of money to bring in top-tier free agents.

Before I give too much away, enjoy our latest video in which I'm standing outside of Paul Brown Stadium in what literally appears to be a hurricane.

What lovely weather we have here in Cincinnati!

The Bengals aren't known to be a team that makes big splashes in free agency and even though they have the money to make waves this year, it's unlikely that we'll see more than one, if that, player out of the top 30 free agents brought to Cincinnati. If they do bring just one high-profile player in, I would say that player would be running back Michael Bush out of Oakland.

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