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Scouting Report: Georgia Offensive Lineman Cordy Glenn

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - FEBRUARY 25: Offensive lineman Cordy Glenn of Georgia participates in a drill during the 2012 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium on February 25, 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
INDIANAPOLIS, IN - FEBRUARY 25: Offensive lineman Cordy Glenn of Georgia participates in a drill during the 2012 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium on February 25, 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
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Name: Cordy Glenn 40-yard: 5.15
College: Georgia Bench Reps: 31
Position: OG/OT 10-yard: 1.76
Height: 6'5" Arm Length: 35 3/4"
Weight: 345 lbs Draft Projection: Top 25 (OT)/2nd Round (OG)

Size - 1 - Great size, bulk and length of your typical Bengals offensive lineman. Has an NFL body already.

Strength - 2 - Glenn put up 31-reps at the combine which is a very good number because of his very long arms. In games, Glenn doesn't always display his strength. There are times where smaller defensive players can move him because they're playing with better leverage.

Athleticism - 2 - Glenn, for his size, is very athletic. He can move laterally and has good speed. Where Glenn looks unathletic is when he's caught off guard in space or picking up a blitz. He can be late to react and it slows him down physically.

Power Run Block - 3 - As a guard, I don't like Glenn being the power lineman at the apex of the run play. He doesn't always get low enough and defenders can stand him up, shed Glenn and make the tackle. Cordy must use his hands better, and drive through his man. Too often he gets no push. Glenn is much better at walling off his man. I wish Glenn showed a killer instinct more.

Pull/Trap Run Block - 2 - Because of Glenn's athleticism, he is a solid pulling guard. His big body can be a nice way to shield a runner following him into a hole. Where his weaknesses show is at the 2nd level at times. Linebackers can easily run around Glenn as he reaches for them rather than turning his body or attacking his opponent.

Pass Pro vs. Speed - 3 - Glenn can be late off the snap at times and tries to make up for it by taking the outside angle away from the rusher. Athletic defenders can use this against him by planting their outside foot and driving inside towards the QB. Glenn isn't always agile enough to recover. Once he's aware of the inside move, I've seen defenders attack him with a pure speed rush. Glenn can usually handle those, but as I said before, he can sometimes be late off the snap.

Pass Pro vs. Power - 1 - If Glenn gets his hands on you in pass pro, you're usually not going anywhere. He can lock on, anchor and swallow pass rushers. Rarely did I see Glenn get pushed too far back or allow a defender control him in pass protection.

Technique - 3 - This is one of Glenn's biggest weaknesses. He bends at the waist, his hands are low and he drops his head on contact. At guard, this will hurt Glenn even more because smaller, quicker DTs who use leverage will get under him and walk Glenn backwards.

Versatility - 1 - Glenn can play 4/5 offensive line positions. He's started (49 games) at LT, LG & RG. This is Glenn's biggest asset and what will ultimately get him targeted by most NFL teams.

Experience/Health - 1 - Besides weight fluctuations, Glenn is relatively healthy and very experienced in a highly talented conference.

Note: I didn't know where to put this, but teams kept trying to stunt and bring delayed blitzes to Glenn's side and he did a great job cut-blocking them. Really displayed his athleticism.

Final Analysis: I see people talk about Cordy Glenn's vast potential and upside. Based on his workout numbers, I would agree. My issue with Glenn is that while he's started 49 games at Georgia, he's still very unsound fundamentally. His flaws should be correctable but after so many years, those flaws become second nature and habit. Why can't Tim Tebow change his throwing motion? Because he's been doing it that way for years. Cordy Glenn will have many of the same issue as an offensive guard. I liked him much better at offensive tackle where he can use his athleticism and doesn't need the killer instinct. If Glenn is drafted to play guard, I don't see him reaching his NFL potential. Currently he's more than capable of being a starter, but he's far from being a top 32 OG in the NFL. I wouldn't draft him in round one if I were going to only play Glenn at OG.

Player Comparison: Andre Smith

Draft Projection: Top 25 (OT), 2nd Round (OG).

Grade Scale:
1 - Elite Talent
2 - Above Average/Good
3 - Average NFL Talent
4 - Below Average/Poor
5 - Badberry - Not NFL Caliber