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Scouting Report: Stanford Offensive Lineman David DeCastro

Name: David DeCastro 40-yard: 5.32
College: Stanford Bench Reps: 34
Position: OG/OC/RT 10-yard: 1.86
Height: 6'5" Arm Length: 32 3/8"
Weight: 316 lbs Draft Projection: Top 15

Size - 1 - DeCastro is another prototypical offensive lineman in size. He is built with a thick upper body and an athletic lower-half.

Strength - 2 - DeCastro put up 34-reps at the combine and shows his game strength routinely. He plays with great leverage and that only makes him stronger. Where he's lacking is in a wide/power base in pass pro.

Athleticism - 2 - Even though DeCastro didn't blow up the combine, he is very athletic on tape. He can move with any lineman and when he's asked to match linebackers in space, he does it with ease. When DeCastro needs to change course or recover, he makes it look easy. He's an elite athlete as an inside lineman in the NFL.

Power Run Block - 2 - DeCastro plays low and quick which can give him the advantage at the point. The killer instinct is easy to see as DeCastro doesn't quit on plays and drives his opponent into the ground.

Pull/Trap/2nd Level Run Block - 1 - David DeCastro's greatest asset. He has elite pulling ability and is a rare athlete in the 2nd level. In space, he shows the ability to locate and seal off defenders while opening wide running lanes. He has no wasted motion and times his blocks perfectly with the running back. Everything looks perfect.

Pass protection vs. Speed - 1 - DeCastro is quick off the snap so DTs with a quick jump rarely have the advantage. Swim moves, spins and juking doesn't do much because he's usually in good position and is willing to wait for the defender to attack him.

Pass protection vs. Power - 3 - DeCastro can be knocked backwards because he'll catch the rusher instead of attacking and anchoring. He doesn't have a strong base so power rushers can get into him and walk him backwards at times. He also will lower his head and the defender know has the complete advantage.

Technique - 2 - Everything in the finesse game is perfect with DeCastro. His only issues are dropping his head on some plays and "catching" rushers in pass protection. Both can be fixed and currently don't hurt his game.

Versatility - 2 - Because DeCastro is a rare type of pulling guard, some teams may not see his value. A team that pulls their OG a lot will. He can also play center in a pinch. Some teams think he can play OT, but his sub-34" arms may keep him from doing it full time.

Experience/Health - 1 - No serious injuries and started 39-games at Stanford at Right Guard. Stanford is a run-heavy, west coast system that was very complex even by NFL standards. DeCastro will be a day-1 impact player.

Final Analysis: David DeCastro is the best interior offensive lineman I've ever seen coming from college. Rare ability that few NFL interior offensive lineman have. Not only is he a day-1 starter, DeCastro is a top-16 guard and should see a Pro Bowl by 2013. He will be an elite guard within a couple seasons. He's my #6 player on my board and I consider him the last elite prospect in this draft.

Player Comparison: Alan Faneca

Draft Projection: Top 15

Grade Scale:
1 - Elite Talent
2 - Above Average/Good
3 - Average NFL Talent
4 - Below Average/Poor
5 - Badberry - Not fit for NFL