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2012 NFL Free Agency: Bengals Close To Re-Signing Donald Lee

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The Bengals are close to re-signing tight end Donald Lee, according to writer Geoff Hobson. Lee caught eleven passes for 115 yards last season. He also is known for being a valuable blocker in Jay Gruden's scheme.

Lee would re-join pro bowler Jermaine Gresham and the second year tight end Colin Cochart. The Bengals signed Bo Scaife last off-season but a pre-season injury forced him to miss the season. It looks like the Bengals may be set at tight end, though they could look at a late round guy like Temple's Evan Rodriguez or Michigan tight end Kevin Koger.

Lee's re-signing will likely quiet down some of the chatter that the Bengals might consider taking Stanford's Coby Fleener with one of their first rounds picks. Fleener would certainly help Dalton in the red-zone and might be a good fit with him, as he makes quick decisions and has above average short passing game accuracy. Still, other needs are lingering. Re-signing Lee allows them to focus on other needs and truly take the best player available.

Lee would be the seventh Bengals unrestricted free agent to sign during the month, bringing the total free agent signings to 14, according to Hobson.