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Recently Acquired Free Agents Assigned Jersey Numbers

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Recently acquired free agents defensive ends Jamaal Anderson and Derrick Harvey, offensive guard Jacob Bell and cornerback Terence Newman have been assigned their jersey numbers, according to the team's twitter account. Keep in mind that this by no means reflects what their jersey numbers will be at the start of the season, when players are waived, released opening favorite numbers many had with other teams (in college or in the NFL).

Defensive end Jamaal Anderson, who wore No. 98 in Atlanta and No. 90 with the Colts, selected No. 92, most recently worn by former defensive lineman Frostee Rucker. Derrick Harvey, unable to pick the No. 91 from his time in Jacksonville (thanks to Robert Geathers), is going with his more recent No. 95 from his time in Denver. Though No. 41 is available, cornerback Terence Newman was assigned No. 23, sadly putting an end to the Fred Bennett era. And Jacob Bell is carrying the Nate Livings torch at No. 62, despite wearing No. 60 with the Titans and No. 63 with the Rams (Otis Hudson is holding No. 60 and Bobbie Williams could return).

Last year we ran a series of posts to determine the best player in Bengals history that wore a certain number. Those results relevant to this posting have John Copeland at No. 92, Steve Foley at No. 95, Corey Sawyer at No. 23 and Dave Lapham at No. 62.

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