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Keith Rivers Trade Could Mean A Linebacker In The Later Rounds

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Many have an idea of what the Bengals will do in the beginning rounds. Naturally, many are not as worried about the later rounds.'s Geoff Hobson has an idea about what they will do. Hobson writes:

"The Bengals figure to draft one and maybe two linebackers of the outside variety. The only way they would take one early is if one of the top prospects fell in the first round, but in all probability the Bengals will use their late-round picks on an outside backer and maybe the one the Giants gave them in the fifth at No. 167."

The Bengals could use an early pick on a linebacker if Boston College's Luke Kuechly or Alabama's Courtney Upshaw fall. Other than that, the fifth round area looks just about right for coach Lewis and Mike Zimmer to get a linebacker that they can develop and put on special teams their first season. Potential late round outside linebackers include Oregon's Josh Kaddu, Arkansas State's Demario Davis, Texas' Emmanuel Acho, Oklahoma's Travis Lewis, and Kentucky's Danny Trevathan, among many others.Some have also suggested the Bengals take a chance on inside linebacker Vontaze Burfict with one of their fifth round selections. If the Bengals want to continue to add depth to their linebacker core, re-signing veteran Brandon Johnson would seem to be a priority.