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Cincinnati Bengals All-Time Draft Picks In Franchise History


Last year in the days leading up to the 2011 NFL Draft, we composed an exhaustive top-ten Bengals draft picks of all-time. It was fun. Recalling some of our favorite players -- for those of us actually alive during Cincinnati's last playoff win -- while learning more about Cincinnati's older legends during the PMB (Pre Mike Brown) period. Quarterbacks, defensive pass rushers, running backs, the Bengals have had their share of greats -- despite only having one Hall of Fame player.

We've decided to summarize our top-ten list (if you click the link, we give you the reason why we selected that player with "some" history). We didn't want to include players that were still active with the team (really none would make it today anyway) because while many careers are etched in Cincinnati's history, we felt it distorted our goal to enrich younger fans with this team's overall history. Plus it gave us an excuse to do another top-ten list at some point in the future.

No. 1: Offensive Tackle Anthony Munoz
No. 2: Cornerback Lemar Parrish
No. 3: Quarterback Boomer Esiason
No. 4: "Original Bengal" Center Bob Johnson
No. 5: Cornerback Ken "The Rattler" Riley
No. 6: Quarterback Ken Anderson
No. 7: Linebacker Reggie Williams
No. 8: Defensive end Eddie Edwards
No. 9: Running back Corey Dillon
No. 10: Defensive tackle Tim Krumrie