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SB Nation Draft Profile: Notre Dame Wide Receiver Michael Floyd

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Let's face facts. The Cincinnati Bengals will still need a talented wide receiver and there's plenty of those available during the 2012 NFL Draft. Whether or not they select one in the first round, the second round, or go the "undiscovered country" route with an undrafted free agent, or at the very least a late-round pick, is entirely unknown.

One receiver that we know is catching Cincinnati's eye is Notre Dame's Michael Floyd. Along with abandoning a scheduled visit with defensive tackle Amobi Okoye -- which ultimately forced him to sign with another team before the re-scheduled visit took place -- the Bengals hosted Floyd during his one of many predraft visits. Some are forecasting that Floyd could be taken as high as in the top-ten, or falling to one of Cincinnati's two first-round selections. Regardless. If he's there and the Bengals are on the clock, it will be very interesting to see what Cincinnati's brain trust chooses (actually it's the draft, it's interesting no matter what).

Onward to the SB Nation draft profile of Michael Floyd.