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No Teams Offered Steelers Wide Receiver Mike Wallace An Offer

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According to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter, no team has bothered signing Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace to an offer sheet with Friday's RFA deadline quickly approaching. As a restricted free agent, teams had an opportunity to sign Wallace to an offer sheet. However since the Steelers tendered Wallace as first-round compensation, the team that signed Wallace would lose their first-round selection if Pittsburgh elected not to match.

Many Bengals fans held out hope that Cincinnati would be a team that heavily considered Wallace. From a fan's perspective, it might make sense. Plenty of room under the cap, two first-round selections (one of which may be used on a receiver anyway) and help for A.J. Green, who already dictates opposing defensive gameplans against Cincinnati's passing offense.

But in reality that's where the argument probably ends. Considering the fact that no team even bothered trying to sign Wallace and the fact that Pittsburgh didn't use their franchise tag on the wide receiver (though that may be a result of Pittsburgh's salary cap issues), speaks volumes about the perception of Wallace around the league. And the fact that one report suggested Wallace was looking for more money than Larry Fitzgerald (eight years worth $120 million) may have scared teams away.