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Cincinnati Bengals All-Time Bust List In Franchise History


On Thursday we summarized our top draft picks in franchise history and if that's the first time you've had the honor of reading it, did you seriously think that No. 1 would be anyone other than Anthony Munoz? But with the successes of the NFL draft, comes the failures, the rock-bottoms, the not-so great moments with any franchise's draft picks. And the Bengals, like every franchise in the history of football, have their share.

We tried limiting the all-time draft busts to only first round selections -- because beyond that bust isn't an applicable word in this context, despite its usage by many. Oh my god, the Bengals 10th-round pick didn't start the full season? BUST! (Note: yes, there used to be more than seven rounds, youngster) That being said we don't feel our list is all that surprising, except for maybe No. 10, but that was somewhat unfair because the meaning of bust wasn't the result of his production.

Oh, right. The list.

No. 1: Quarterback Akili Smith
No. 2: Quarterback David Klingler
No. 3: Linebacker Ricky Hunley
No. 4: Quarterback Jack Thompson
No. 5: Linebacker Odell Thurman
No. 6: Running back Chris Perry
No. 7: Running back Archie Griffin
No. 8: Running back Ki-Jana Carter
No. 9: Wide receiver Peter Warrick
No. 10: Linebacker David Pollack