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Former Bengals Defensive End Antwan Odom Looking To Return To The NFL

According to multiple sources, former Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Antwan Odom is aiming for an NFL return. Jason La Canfora writes that Odom is "about a month away from a return" and that teams monitoring his situation includes the Atlanta Falcons and the Tennessee Titans.

After posting eight quarterback sacks in 2007 with the Tennessee Titans, the Cincinnati Bengals signed defensive end Antwan Odom to a five-year contract worth $29.5 million. Though injuries limited Odom's on-field production, playing only 22 of a possible 48 games (49 if we include the 2009 playoff game), the team's investment turned out to be a terrible one. Cincinnati released him three years into the five-year contract on July 29, 2011.

Generating 11 career sacks with the Cincinnati Bengals (five of which were during a single game against a backup tackle/guard in Green Bay), Odom's life turned Jerry Springer-like.

In late August of 2011, Odom was reportedly shot in the leg early one morning. The suspect, Tony Gildersleeve, a childhood-time friend of Odom's, was reportedly angered when the mother of his child was sleeping in Odom's bed. Odom's injuries were non-life threatening. Several months later Odom was arrested during a routine traffic stop after police found a weapon and two "blunts" in his position -- he was only charged with possession. He was released on a $1,000 bond. The point we had originally thought Odom's NFL career may have ended was when he was scheduled to become a special guest referee for a pro wrestling main event in Alabama.