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The Bengals Have Drafted Players That Made Seven AP First-Team All-Pro Teams Since 2002

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The Cleveland Plain-Dealer published an interesting article on Sunday, comparing every NFL franchise. They write that the New England Patriots drafted 15 players that made the AP First-Team All-Pro team from 2002-2011, whereas the Cleveland Browns have two. The comparison is based on the seasons in which those players made the All-Pro team, not when they were drafted. According to their chart, the Bengals have drafted seven players that made an AP All-Pro team from 2002-2011. Of course something like this forces us to redirect inward, putting together a likewise list with actual names associated with it.

The Cincinnati Bengals have drafted 20 players in franchise history that eventually made the AP First-Team All-Pro Team (either with the Bengals or not). Offensive tackles Anthony Munoz (9) and Willie Anderson (3) have the most in team history, with wide receiver Chad Ochocinco and linebacker Bill Bergey being the only remaining players making the AP First-Team All-Pro Team more than once.

Five players that the Bengals have drafted at some point in the NFL draft made an AP First-Team All-Pro team from 2002 through 2011. Those players include offensive tackle Willie Anderson (2004, 2005, 2006), wide receiver Chad Ochocinco (2005, 2006), linebacker Takeo Spikes (2004 with the Bills), place-kicker Neil Rackers (2005 with the Cardinals) and defensive end Justin Smith (2011 with the 49ers).

In the context of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer's article, which includes multiple selections and excludes special teams players, the seven with Cincinnati are Anderson (three times), Ochocinco (two times), Spikes and Smith.

The Bengals have also had five Second-Team All-Pro players, including Geno Atkins (2011), Leon Hall (2009), Johnathan Joseph (2011), Chad Ochocinco (2003) and Willie Anderson (2003).