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Defense Rests In Nate Webster's Trial

Bengals former linebacker Nate Webster is in trouble with the law.
Bengals former linebacker Nate Webster is in trouble with the law.

Flashback: Nate Webster is in a lot of trouble with the law. To make an arduous story short, Webster is being accused of having sex with a minor, charged with sexual battery, sexual touching, and five counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. The basic key to the trial is proving how old the girl actually was when the sexual relationship started. If she was 16 and consented, there would be no crime, as 16 is the age of consent in Ohio.

Webster's attorney, Gregory Samms, spent part of his closing argument on Tuesday ripping the girl and her family.

"She had her own personal hell at home. No one else in this world trusts that girl. Do you trust her?"

Samms focused on the now 18 year old girl and her family, pointing out evidence that had shown she had been previously abused. He also said that the girl had said she previously dated Ray Lewis and Willis McGahee (hence the earlier stories that Lewis was going to be suponed, which never happened).

"This is a fantasy story of someone who is infatuated with an older man and makes this up. This cannot be true," Samms said of the accuser.

Webster was questioned about the sexual relationship last year and initially denied it. Only after seeing tapes that the girl secretly recorded did Webster admit to the sexual conduct. Webster initially had given the fall of 2009 as the date when the sexual relationship began. The accuser was 15 at this time. Webster then said he was mistaken and declared that he waited until the girl was 16 to have sex with her.

Before the trial started, Webster rejected a proposed plea deal that would have resulted in him being sent to prison for four years. The charges against him can send him to prison for more than 30 years.