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Colorado Running Back Rodney Stewart Headed To The Cincinnati Bengals

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According to Renaud Notaro with 93.7 FM/AM 1510 in Denver, Colorado running back Rodney Stewart signed with the Cincinnati Bengals. ESPN's Scout Inc grades Stewart as the 32nd-best running back prospect in the draft. Stewart ran for 854 yards rushing on a 4.5 yard/rush average and four touchdowns in 2011. Not bad. But it was a poor follow-up to a career-year in which the Buffaloes running back surpassed 1,300 yards and 10 touchdowns rushing.

Stewart, who is only 5-foot-7, ran a 4.55 40-yard dash during his Pro Day on March 8, 2012. The Pro Football Weekly scouting report writes:


Light on his feet and slippery with jackrabbit lateral quickness. Strings moves together — can stop, start, jump-cut and scoot through cracks. Good vision and balance to pick his way through traffic and elude tacklers. Runs low to the ground and is difficult to corral. Excellent receiver out of the backfield and is a natural in the screen game — catches easily, turns upfield in one motion and creates. Feisty and aggressive guy who does not shy from contact. Will cut down rushers and shows downfield hustle when blocking for teammates. Was a workhorse. Mentally and physically tough.


Has extremely short arms. Needs to bulk up — is not built to withstand the pounding of the pro game and durability is a concern. Lacks elite top-end speed. At times runs up the back of linemen instead of pressing and cutting off blocks. Marginal run strength and power. Size is a limiting factor in pass protection. Ball security has been an issue. Has considerable tread on his tires.