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Connecticut Wide Receiver Kashif Moore Headed To The Bengals

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University of Connecticut wide receiver Kashif Moore is headed to the Cincinnati Bengals. [Note: This is one of those unconfirmed reports so be weary] Moore generated 41 receptions during his final season in Connecticut, for 604 yards receiving and five touchdowns.

The scouting report from the National Football Post writes:

A shorter, undersized wide out with a thinner frame who lacks ideal strength to his game. Consistently plays off the line, mostly from the slot, and really struggles to handle press coverage. Exhibits very average short area quickness initially and doesn't have the kind of strength to fight his way through contact and get into his routes. Is easily re-routed off the line and slowed dramatically into his route. Possesses a good first step when asked to eat up the cushion, and will extend his back leg a bit off the line, initially wasting motion before he gets going. However, he does exhibit good straight-line speed and looks more sudden when asked to run vertical routes and work any kind of double move. Tends to roll his way into his post or corner route and isn't real sharp or sudden, but he exhibits the footwork to quickly get out of his breaks on a secondary route and accelerate well down the field. Demonstrates good hand/eye coordination when going to pluck the football and isn't afraid to work the middle of the field. Extends his arms well and displays good ball skills in all areas of the game.