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2012 NFL Draft Grades: Tony Pauline Labels Two Bengals Prospects As Steals


Tony Pauline with Sports Illustrated offers up a list of players drafted over the weekend, defining them as either steals or reaches. Pauline didn't label any selections that the Bengals made as reaches, but did offer two Cincinnati rookies selected in the fifth round as steals.

Pauline writes that wide receiver Marvin Jones, selected at No. 166 overall, as a steal mostly because scouts weren't impressed with Jones'

Jones capped off a terrific college career with outstanding performances at the Senior Bowl and combine. Scouts were not enamored with Jones' size, allowing the Bengals to swipe him up in Round 5. Cincinnati continues to pluck quality receivers out of the late frames.

With the following pick at No. 167, the Bengals selected Boise State safety George Iloka, who Pauline writes was an obvious steal.

The Bengals will be mentioned as having one of the best draft's of 2012 and snatching falling talents such as Iloka is one of the reasons. Iloka combines linebacker size with defensive back athleticism to impose his will on receivers who come across the middle. He was third-round talent the Bengals scooped up in Round (5).