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2012 NFL Draft Grades: Michael Lombardi And NFL Network Give The Bengals An "A"

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Applauding Bengals owner Mike Brown is a relatively new phenomenon. But given the success of the 2011 NFL Draft, the Carson Palmer trade which left the Bengals with a first round pick in 2012 and a second round pick in 2013, and now a masterful draft in 2012; experts can't help but congratulate Brown on a job well done. One of the most recent to do so is Michael Lombardi of NFL Network. Lombardi, commending Brown's work at the draft this past weekend, says:

Mike Brown, you know, is usually very stoic and doesn't do a lot of things. But this time he made a trade, which is remarkable.

Lombardi goes on to say that he agrees with every single selection the Bengals made, and that they've improved themselves as a playoff team moving forward. He says, "I think they had a hit pretty much all the way you go through it".

Each of the analysts then discuss one of the four AFC North teams, and how they improved themselves through the draft. The Browns traded up for the top running back prospect since Adrian Peterson in Trent Richardson, the Steelers shored up the offensive line with David DeCastro and Mike Adams, and the Ravens found a young, talented linebacker in Courtney Upshaw. But it is the Bengals who, again, receive the (tied) top grade of the AFC North and another compliment from Michael Lombardi: "My hats off to Mike Brown".

Cincinnati Bengals: A

Pittsburgh Steelers: A

Baltimore Ravens: C

Cleveland Browns: C