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Bengals Banter: Don't Expect Much Change In The Bengals Uniform During Nike Unveiling

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+ Nike Unveiling Of New Uniforms Set For 11 A.M. We're all eagerly anticipating Nike's uniform unveiling during an invitation-only event set to begin at 11 a.m. ET, on Tuesday. We're not expecting too many changes in the way of Cincinnati's uniform -- the teams still have to approve the design changes -- but it'll be interesting to note what changes and design evolutions come with other teams. leaked photos that would appear to be a logo change with a black background, but hasn't been confirmed. The Seattle Seahawks will undergo the same evolution, according to the team's website.

+ Defensive Lineman Coming In For a Visit. Defensive tackle Amobi Okoye is scheduled to visit with the Cincinnati Bengals on Tuesday. The former Chicago Bear and Houston Texan addresses a need for depth on the defensive line. Domata Peko and Pat Sims are your de facto run stoppers while Geno Atkins, who typically starts regardless, is used heavily in pass rush. Okoye and Atkins could present serious issues for opposing offensive lines, who already have to take Carlos Dunlap and (to a lesser degree) Michael Johnson into account.

+ Much Ado About Nothing. Much is being made of cornerback Morris Claiborne's Wonderlic score, reportedly scoring a four on the 50-question test. Now that you flushed that out of your system, does that really make a difference? He's a talented athlete and when he's dropping back into tight man-coverage, you're not thinking to yourself that you had wished Claiborne had done a better job solving word problems using algebra.

Perhaps people should take into account the realities of the superstar collegiate football athletes. They are in the minor league system (aka, college), preparing for the millions available in the National Football League. That's their focus, everything else is background noise.

+ Victim's Family Shows Up In Support Of Jones? Ben-GAL cheerleader and former school teacher Sarah Jones pled not guilty to charges that she had mated with a former student of hers. Cliche arguments are formulated, replacing one former Bengals player/personality for another.

But doesn't this sound fishy to you?

From Jim Hannah of the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Summe ordered the daughter and mother to have no contact with the underage victim and his family despite the fact that the victim’s relatives attended the arraignment in support of the Joneses. The two families sat in the same pew in the courtroom’s gallery as they waited for the case to be called.

"The families are friends," said the Jones’ attorney, Charles Lester Jr. He is representing Sarah Jones and Cheryl Jones until his law partner, radio personality Eric Deters, returns on April 24 from a 61-day suspension for the practice of law in Kentucky.

Hardly the reaction from a victim of a family, there to support both Sarah and Cheryl Jones, her mother.