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NFL Reportedly To Announce 2012 Preseason Schedule On Wednesday

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April tends to an active month for the NFL. Now that we have the overhyped uniform story out of the way with, and an NFL draft remaining to bookmark the month's conclusion, the NFL schedule should be released at some point this month. However before any of that happens, the NFL plans on announce the preseason schedule on Wednesday.

Last year the Bengals finished the regular season 1-3 with a deflated showing during the first two games.

2011 Opponent Result Score
@ Detroit Lions Loss 34-3
@ NY Jets Loss 27-7
Carolina Panthers Won 24-13
Indianapolis Colts Loss 17-13

Whatever the schedule is you can be assured that the final game will be against the Indianapolis Colts, which has been set as the final preseason game every year since 2003.

Cincinnati sports a preseason record of 18-19 during the Marvin Lewis era:

Season Record
2011 1-3
2010 3-2 (HoF game)
2009 2-2
2008 2-2
2007 1-3
2006 4-0
2005 2-2
2004 2-2
2003 1-3