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2012 NFL Draft: Could Justin Blackmon Fall To The Bengals?

Now that we're within a few weeks of the 2012 NFL draft, it seems that the wide receiver position is being shaken up somewhat. According to Mocking the Draft's Dan Kadar, there are several NFL team scouts that don't believe Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon is the best receiver in this year's draft class, instead, they think Notre Dame's Michael Floyd has taken over that top spot.

What's even more interesting is the fact that there are also those who believe Blackmon isn't the second-best wide receiver in this draft class. Some actually have him ranked as the sixth best.

Perhaps more surprisingly, K.C. Joyner of ranks Blackmon as the sixth-best wide receiver in the class. (That's ESPN In$ider content, FYI) Joyner graded the top wide receivers in the class based in numerous, with vertical yards per attempt, stretch vertical yards per attempt and other advanced statistics.

So, what could this mean for the Bengals?

It's no secret that the Cincinnati Bengals are looking to find a No. 2 receiver. Many feel that they don't have to use one of their two first-round picks to find that receiver, but if Justin Blackmon falls to No. 17, would the Bengals be able to pass him up?

There are bigger needs for the Bengals, in my opinion, at guard, cornerback. However, the thought of having Blackmon as a No. 2 wide receiver opposite of A.J. Green is so unbelievably awesome that it would be hard imagining the Bengals passing up such an opportunity. Two wide receivers of that ability would provide Andy Dalton with the weapons to move the ball downfield through the air. It would also open things up for guys like Jermaine Gresham and Jordan Shipley as well. And then with a passing game like that, the running game, featuring BenJarvus Green-Ellis and a committee of running backs, would open up.

This is not to say that Blackmon would fall to the Bengals, in fact, I doubt that he will. There are enough wide receiver-needy teams in this year's draft that somebody will likely take a chance on him before the Bengals go on the clock. However, it seems that what probably was considered impossible a few months ago is now possible, although probable.

The possibility of Green and Blackmon catching passes from Dalton, however improbable, is enough to keep me going till draft day.