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Confusion Regarding UDFA Central Arkansas Quarterback Signing

According to, Central Arkansas quarterback Nathan Dick is headed to the Cincinnati Bengals, giving the team five quarterbacks on the team's roster. Here's the thing -- and something you should generally remember about undrafted free agents signings hours after the draft. It might not be true.

Despite the fact we can't find a valid source on the signing to Cincinnati, save for random tweets on twitter (you try doing a Twitter search on "Nathan Dick"), the Chicago Trubune is reporting that Nathan Dick is headed to the Dallas Cowboys. A site dedicated to Central Arkansas atheltics is reporting the same thing.

Dick completed 64.2 percent of his passes during his final season, including 32 touchdowns against nine interceptions.

The Cincinnati Bengals have already signed an undrafted free agent quarterback since the close of the NFL draft Saturday night in Colorado quarterback Tyler Hansen.

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