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2012 NFL Draft: Andy Dalton Pleased With Receiver Selections

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Experts, fans, players, coaches, and most anyone else associated with the NFL has raved about the Cincinnati Bengals draft class of 2012. The team filled the voids at cornerback and guard, greatly improved the defensive line, and drafted talented player after talented player. Also of vital importance, however, was the drafting of wide receivers Mohamed Sanu and Marvin Jones to address the need at the No. 2 wide receiver position. Jerome Simpson, who played that position in 2011, was signed by the Minnesota Vikings in the offseason, and Armon Binns, who many have pointed to as the answer at the position, cannot be relied upon as he has yet to play a single down in the NFL. Andre Caldwell also left the Bengals for the Denver Broncos, and free agency came and went without the addition of a wide receiver.

The Bengals needed a talented receiver to line up opposite A.J. Green. Experts and fans recognized that need, but maybe no one recognized it as much as quarterback Andy Dalton. Paul Dehner Jr. of CBS Rapid Reports writes that Dalton, more than anyone, hopes Sanu and Jones become the No. 2 the Bengals desperately hope for.

Andy Dalton said he reached out to new WR Mohamed Sanu (Rutgers) and thinks the team did well adding help at receiver. Dalton clamored for receiver help before the draft and got his wish with two wideouts, Sanu and Marvin Jones (Cal). "We had to bring a couple more guys in here," Dalton said.

The Bengals found significant value in the picks of both Sanu and Jones. Both were projected by Sports Illustrated's Tony Pauline as possible second round picks, but they were selected in the third and fifth rounds, respectively. Armon Binns will compete for the No. 2 job along with these two draft picks, but due to the upcoming competition between the three supreme athletes, Bengals fans should be thrilled no matter who gets the job. The Bengals offense is truly something to be excited about. Andy Dalton would agree.