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Insomniac Open Thread: The Pieces Of The Puzzle Are Coming Together


Now that the draft is finally over the Bengals can turn their attention to training camp and the 2012 season. The Bengals had a solid draft, possibly their best overall draft in the last ten years. They addressed all of their remaining holes with their ten selections.

The Bengals added help on the offensive line, the defensive line, the secondary, and they finally found their No. 2 receiver, but who is going to be? Regardless of who the Bengals decide is going to be the new No. 2 receiver, quarterback Andy Dalton is pleased with the new receiving prospects the Bengals selected over the weekend. And who can blame him? The more targets he has, the better off the Bengals will be. Also, you should check out the undrafted free agents the Bengals added as well. There are some intriguing names on that list that could have an impact in 2012 and beyond.

So tell us, how pumped are you about this year's Bengals' draft class? Are you ready for the season to start already? Do you think the Bengals will be able to contend in 2012 and beyond? Is Mike Brown some sort of genius that has an amazing poker face or what? Leave us your thoughts and comments here in tonight's open thread.