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Cincinnati Bengals Attend Peter Konz's Personal Workout

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Because he was still recovering from a dislocated left ankle, Wisconsin center Peter Konz was unable to perform at the NFL Scouting Combine or during Wisconsin's Pro Day on March 7. Instead Konz scheduled a personal workout in front of 12-15 NFL teams on Wednesday in Madison, Wisconsin, along with two linemen, Kevin Zeitler and Josh Oglesby.

According to Tyler Dunne with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, coaches from the Cincinnati Bengals attended the workout and conducted drills -- along with coaches from the New York Giants and Baltimore Ravens. This isn't the first time we've read a Bengals connection with Konz. Pro Football Talk recently updated their draft visits and workout tracker to include a visit from Konz, arguably the top center in the 2012 NFL Draft. However no date has been confirmed.

Though one may question the relevancy of Cincinnati looking at arguably the top center in the NFL draft this year, consider this. While Kyle Cook signed a five-year deal, he didn't put together the type of season that was hoped. He wasn't bad in the sense he became a liability, but there were some consistency issues.

One could argue that the Bengals might be interested in moving Konz to a guard, but that seems like a long shot. Not for his ability, but if Cincinnati is going to select Konz with the intention of moving him to a guard, they'll likely pull the trigger with one of their first-round selections. If that's the case then why not Cordy Glenn? Another option could be to move Cook to right guard and drafting Konz as the starting center. Doubtful. But we're just thinking out loud here.

If we're betting men and women, let's not bet the house on the Bengals drafting Konz anyway. It could be just as likely that Cincinnati is looking at Zeitler and Oglesby for late-round selections as well.