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Bengals Considering Wisconsin Center Peter Konz With No. 21 Pick

One name that keeps popping up as a player that the Cincinnati Bengals really like is Wisconsin center Peter Konz. Along with a suspected visit (or unconfirmed upcoming visit), the Cincinnati Bengals coaching staff helped conduct drills for the Wisconsin center during his personal Pro Day on Wednesday. According to Tony Pauline with Sports Illustrated and, the Cincinnati Bengals are considering Konz with their second first-round pick.

Scouts, Inc grades Konz as the top center for this year's NFL draft and it's not even close. His score of 89, which falls as the 31st-best prospect in the draft, is 20 points higher than the second-best center, Georgia's Ben Jones. They grade Jones as an average pass protector, but above average as a run blocker:

Gets into adequate initial position and walls off defenders long enough for backs to locate seam. While plays too high and doesn't roll hips into blocks, drives legs and flashes the ability to move defenders off the ball once in position. Doesn't have the lateral quickness to seal front side one-techniques when asked to zone block and doesn't get any help from guard. However, makes up for it with smarts and effort. Works to get helmet on play side when does get help and washes defenders down the line of scrimmage when he can't get around the defender. While has problems adjusting to moving targets and looks stiff in space, takes adequate angles to second level blocks and flashes the ability to cut off backside linebackers. Makes up for average range with smooth pivot and can get around the corner when asked to pull.

There are some theorizing that Konz could be moved to guard, but the more we think about it, the less it makes sense.

Why draft the best center prospect, only to move him out of position? Additionally if you're looking to acquire a guard, then why not, you know, acquire a guard -- like Cordy Glenn or David DeCastro, if they fall to you. It would seem more likely that the team may be less impressed with Kyle Cook, who signed a five-year contract before the 2011 season. His run blocking was average, but his pass blocking was a struggle (more on that during our positional breakdowns on Saturday). Cook's contract isn't so heavy that they couldn't 1) renegotiate or 2) release him outright. That's not to say they will, but it would make more sense than to acquire the best center in this year's draft and not use him as a center in the NFL.