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Cincinnati Bengals Position Report: Tight End

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We're taking a brief look at every position this weekend, breaking down the roster at this point in the offseason.

Position Report: Tight End
Roster (2): Jermaine Gresham, Colin Cochart

Gresham continues proving that he's an athlete like many of the next-gen tight ends in today's NFL. Quick, versatile, fast with very soft hands, Gresham built on top of a good rookie campaign, putting together 56 receptions, 596 yards receiving and six touchdowns in 2011.

The more he integrates into the West Coast offense, the higher his production will be. It just took some time last year, per Jay Gruden and when the moment comes that he finally gets it, he'll dominate. Even so, Gresham still went to the Pro Bowl last season. Not bad.

Draft Projection: We wouldn't be surprised if the Bengals selected a late-round tight end to give the team a compliment of three guys on the roster -- preferably one with hands to help during double-tight formations. But more importantly someone with balance, a decent blocker and receiver that would replace Donald Lee. But then we're asking for attributes of a tight end that tends to come earlier during the draft.