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Peter King Is Right About One Thing: Bengals Rarely Address Offensive Line In The First Round (Especially Recently)

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Despite Cincinnati reportedly hosting Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd this week, a player that performed at the Irish's Pro Day that pushed Amobi Okoye's visit for another week (that didn't happen), Peter King with Sports Illustrated doesn't see Floyd reaching Cincinnati's first first-round selection. Though he does see the Bengals, if they buck trends (aka, draft a guard in the first round), going after David DeCastro.

Cincinnati is not a big trade team on draft day, so I'd expect they'd pick at 17th (with the Carson Palmer pick from Oakland) and 21st (their own). No way Michael Floyd is still there for them at 17, and they're not a big offensive line team in the first round. That could change, and they could get the best guard in the draft, Stanford's David DeCastro, in the middle of the first round with one of those picks

King is right about one thing. The Bengals rarely address offensive linemen in the first round. Since the team's inaugural draft in 1968, the team has selected nine offensive linemen in the first round, six of which were offensive tackles. And since Brian Blados was selected in the first round in 1984, the Bengals have picked only three offensive linemen in the first round since (Willie Anderson 1996, Levi Jones 2002, Andre Smith 2009).