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Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis Singles Out Linebacker Emmanuel Lamur

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Undrafted free agents always have the potential to becoming something that no one else expected. Throughout NFL history undrafted free agents have made their marks in the game, with names like Dick "Night Train" Lane, Kurt Warner, Warren Moon, Lou Groza, John Randle, Antonio Gates, James Harrison, Brian Waters, Wes Welker, Arian Foster, Rod Smith, Priest Holmes, among many, many others.

The Cincinnati Bengals haven't been afraid to sign undrafted free agents, giving those players a reasonable shot to make the roster. This year is no different and according to Marvin Lewis during Friday's press conference, the Bengals acquired pretty good talent during the undrafted free agency process.

"I think there’s some of the undrafted guys, but we kind of expected that. The receiver group, first of all, I think they’ve done some nice things. At linebacker, the linebacker that’s here from Kansas State (Emmanuel Lamur) who’s here working out, I think he’s done a nice job with things. We’ve got some other guys that played down-ends (in college) that are playing linebacker now and making those conversions. I’ve been impressed with them physically. They have the bodies to play in the NFL. It’s just a matter of the training and so forth. That’s the hardest thing you’re looking at the linebacker spot all the time – both the athleticism and yet the body to hold up and stay and play NFL football."

Name drop! Lewis name-dropped Emmanuel Lamur, the linebacker out of Kansas State. The National Football Post scouting report on him writes:

A tall, lean linebacker who possesses the body of a defensive back. Lacks ideal girth through his lower half, doesn't generate any power into contact and can routinely be overwhelmed when asked to engage with blocks. Isn't a real natural bender, struggles to gain leverage on contact and snap through his hips. Routinely ends up on the ground. However, possesses a long set of arms and when he puts himself in position to make a play on the ball carrier is patient when asked to breakdown. Wraps well on contact and does a nice job dragging his man to the ground. Isn't a physical striker and doesn't create much snap into contact, but is a solid tackler in tight areas. Doesn't display great instincts though inside, routinely will take himself out of plays with false steps and when he does need to close quickly in pursuit, loses balance into contact and ends up easily being knocked out of the play and/or on to the ground.

Is leggy in his drop, struggles to keep his feet under him and isn't real fluid when asked to turn and run. Struggles with balance when re-directing out of his breaks, fails to keep his feet under him and doesn't generate much of a burst when asked to close. Possesses only an average feel in coverage and doesn't feel routes developing around him well. Is a strider who has only one gear, picks up speed as he goes, but doesn't play overly fast.

Impression: A tall, lanky linebacker who despite his thinner frame doesn't play overly fast and struggles with any kind of power in the run game.