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Cincinnati Bengals Announce Undrafted Free Agent Signings

Any excuse to use this picture...
Any excuse to use this picture...

Soon after the completion of the 2012 NFL draft, teams jump on the phone to sign the undrafted free agents that they liked during the predraft process. Sometimes this process can be maddening because many of the sources are somewhat obscure and we're always bound to miss one. Still we charted it the best we could, charting a total of 14 players.

The Cincinnati Bengals officially announced on Wednesday that they signed 14 undrafted free agents.

And of course there were a couple that we missed.

Signed 14 college free agents: C Ben Bojicic, CB Derrius Brooks, LB Vontaze Burfict, LS Bryce Davis, QB Tyler Hansen, WR Justin Hilton, LB Grant Hunter, LB Brandon Joiner, DE Julian Miller, WR Kashif Moore, G/C Trevor Robinson, WR Taveon Rogers, G/T Mike Ryan, RB Rodney Stewart and T Landon Walker.

We had the Bengals signing UCLA safety Tony Dye, as well as New Mexico defensive back Bubba Forrest. Instead the Bengals signed Connecticut offensive lineman Mike Ryan and Central Oklahoma long-snapper Bryce Davis.