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Value Of Jeromy Miles And Cedric Peerman On Special Teams

Brandon Tate: Award winner for "difficult bathroom session".
Brandon Tate: Award winner for "difficult bathroom session".

The Cincinnati Bengals had one of the top special teams units in the NFL last year, scoring a 2.0 percent DVOA (explanation here). It was a jump of 21 spots from the previous year, for many reasons but mostly the change in overall personnel. And two of those players were Jeromy Miles and Cedric Peerman.

According to Football Outsiders, Jeromy Miles recorded 12 return stops in 2011 for a stop rate of 86 percent. That means 12 of his 14 tackles were viewed as "plays that stop a return before it reaches the point that our baselines consider 'average'", dropping victims before they reach the 20-yard line in kickoff returns and preventing much of a return at all in punt coverage became Miles' reputation last season.

Running back Cedric Peerman was much of the same, generating 10 return stops on 12 return tackles for a stop rate of 83 percent. For those of you scratching your head on typical Football Outsiders metrics, this is a good thing.

Both players will enter training camp for a spot on the 53-man roster this year.

Peerman, who you might remember delivered a hell of a shot that resulted in a fine for illegal hit, is interesting. Competing against Ohio State's Dan "Boom" Herron (sixth-round selection) and Colorado's Rodney Stewart (undrafted free agent), Peerman's roster spot isn't at all secured. Though the advantage he has right now is that the final running back position is often utilized as a special teams contributor (as well as mopping up duty during blow outs).

Miles and Peerman ranked first and second in special teams tackles last season.