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Hensley Ranks Gresham As AFC North's Top Tight End

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ESPN AFC North blogger Jamison Hensley has been putting together a top five list for every respective position in the division. He recently listed A.J. Green as the division's top receiver, edging out Steelers receiver Mike Wallace. Hensley resorted back to the Bengals to name Jermaine Gresham as the division's top tight end. Well there may not be any elite tight ends in the division, there are certainly some solid players. Hensley writes about Gresham:

"He led AFC North tight ends in receptions (56) and touchdown catches (six) last season. Still, there's a sense he is being underused at a time when five tight ends caught at least 79 passes last season."

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Gresham may already be the best tight end in the division, but Hensley is right about him being more involved. He seems to have the potential to not only be the best tight end in the division, but one of the better receiving tight ends in the league. Gresham will likely become more involved in the offense this season, as he has the opportunity to digest offensive coordinator Jay Gruden's playbook all summer, without a lockout standing in the way.

According to Pro Football Focus, 40 of Gresham's 61 catches last season were on routes ran of ten yards or less. This is likely not a case of Gresham lacking the ability to get downfield, but more of a play-calling situation. With the entire offseason available, Gresham and Gruden should make it a priority to get the talented receiver more involved in the offense.

The Ravens' Ed Dickson comes in at No.2, beating out Pittsburgh's Heath Miller. Dennis Pitta and Evan Moore round out the list. The Ravens were the only team in the division to have two players on the list.