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Chad Ochocinco Still Struggling To Learn Patriots Offense

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Former Bengal receiver Chad Ochocinco is reportedly struggling to learn the Patriot's offense. Yes, this is exactly what went on last season. in 2011, Ochocinco did not have an offseason to learn the Patriots playbook. If he does not learn the offense soon, he will be out of excuses.

During Thursday's OTA session, Ochocinco was still reportedly struggling with where to line up. According to The Boston Herald, fellow receiver Deion Branch had to instruct Ochocinco on where to line up during one play. He later drew an offside penalty, something that Bengal fans are certainly used to. This prompted the coaches to force him to run a lap.

The way that it is looking at the moment, it is hard to picture Ochocinco making the Patriots team. The Patriots receivers currently include Branch, Julian Edelman, Jabar Gaffney, Anthony Gonzalez, Matthew Slater, Donte' Stallworth, and Wes Welker. The depth at receiver will make it hard for Ochocinco to make the roster, especially if he still has yet to digest the playbook.

Route running has never been the 6 time Pro Bowler's strong suite, but it is something that the New England coaches undoubtedly stress. In his time in Cincinnati, Ochocinco was known for having amazing cutting skills when running he routes, but there were always murmurs of him freelancing and irritating Carson Palmer and his coaching staff. With the signing of Lloyd and Gaffney, and the emergence of Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez, Ochocinco may be looking for a new team very soon.