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ESPN Ranks Top-Ten Wide Receivers In The NFL

Getty Images writer Jeffri Chadiha took on the task of ranking the top-ten wide receivers heading into the 2012 regular season. The usual suspects are listed with Calvin Johnson at No. 1, followed by Arizona's Larry Johnson and Houston's Andre Johnson. Chadiha lists Bengals wide receiver A.J. green No. 9 -- which is somewhat surprising, but not entirely shocking (people have reservations ranking rookies and sophomores so high to ensure non-fluke status).

Chadiha writes of Green:

It's normally difficult to put a second-year receiver in such rare company, but that's how good Green was in 2011. He made the Pro Bowl as a rookie and made Bengals fans forget all about some guy named Ochocinco.

The list:

  1. Calvin Johnson
  2. Larry Fitzgerald
  3. Andre Johnson
  4. Roddy White
  5. Steve Smith
  6. Greg Jennings
  7. Mike Wallace
  8. Wes Welker
  9. A.J. Green
  10. DeSean Jackson
Do you agree with the list? Is Green ranked too low or do you agree with the hesitation of ranking a sophomore so high on a top-NFL players (at his respective position) list.