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Cincinnati Bengals Announce Two And Four-Game Ticket Packages Go On Sale June 7

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The Cincinnati Bengals announced that two and four-game packs will go on sale on June 7 at 9 a.m. According to the website there will be two four-game packs (because there's only eight home games, silly). The orange pack will feature the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins. The black pack features the Denver Broncos, New York Giants, Oakland Raiders and the Baltimore Ravens.

You noticed it too?

The black pack offers games of high interest, from Peyton Manning, the Super Bowl champions, the Carson Palmer return and the Baltimore Ravens. Then you have the orange pack with the Steelers, Browns, Cowboys and Dolphins. Aside from the fact no one wants to see the Dolphins and less people care for the Browns today than ever, it would seem the best games were associated with the black pack, despite the fact the Cowboys and Steelers have well-traveled fans.

There are four two-game power packs that will also go on sale on June 7. They are:

Pack A: Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns
Pack B: Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins
Pack C: Denver Broncos, New York Giants
Pack D: Oakland Raiders, Baltimore Ravens

#bengals also say that the $40 season tickets option, which are about upper-deck eight sections of PBS, are sold out
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Preseason games go on sale on June 7 as well.