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Approximating The Contract Bengals Defensive Tackle Devon Still Will Sign

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According to NFL Insider Adam Caplan, New York Jets rookie wide receiver Stephen Hill signed a four-year "worth just under" $5 million with the first two seasons fully guaranteed. Including the signing bonus his guaranteed money reaches $2.9 million. Hills signs just two days after Chicago Bears rookie wide receiver Alshon Jeffrey agreed to a four-year deal worth $4.52 million with $1.75 million guaranteed.

What does this mean for the Bengals (and us)?

Hill was selected at No 43 overall, with Jeffrey coming two picks later. The Bengals second-round selection, defensive tackle Devon Still, was selected at No. 53. In that case it's safe to assume that whatever deal Still signs, it will be much less than Jeffrey's $4.52 million four-year deal (with $1.75 million guaranteed).

To get a better understanding on the range of what Still may sign for this year, look at last year. Defensive tackle Stephen Paea, selected at No. 53 by the Chicago Bears during the 2011 NFL draft, signed a four-year deal worth $3,685,902, which included a $921,480 signing bonus. The number will be slightly higher this year for Still, but it's a good approximation to forecast.