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NFP: Bengals Third-Round Selections Offered The Best Value

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Steals, reaches, it's generally promoted that the Bengals had one of the best drafts this year -- which makes me nervous in the whole, too good to be true category. Draft expert Wes Bunting from the National Football Post generates a list of players drafted in the third-round that offered the best value. The Cincinnati Bengals, who had two third-round selections, appear twice.

He writes of Brandon Thompson.

Thompson displays a "plus" initial first step off the ball; he can keep his pad level down and fight his way consistently into the backfield as a one-gap guy. He’s a bit linear when asked to breakdown and rush the passer. But, he’s always putting himself in position to make plays on the football. He also displays a solid anchor in the run game and overall looks like a future starting nose tackle for the Bengals 43 front.

Mohamed Sanu

Sanu isn’t the most explosive athlete off the line and isn’t ever going to be a guy who can get behind defenses on the outside. However, for his size he showcases natural foot quickness and balance out of his breaks with the ability to mature into a "plus" route runner. He’s also very comfortable working from the inside, going up to pluck the football and winning off his frame. He’s never going to be a dynamic athlete, but he reminds me a lot of Marques Colston physically and could mature into that type of player in the NFL if used similarly.