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Morgan State Fullback Jourdan Brooks Has A Tryout With The Cincinnati Bengals

According to JB Scouting, Morgan State fullback/running back Jourdan Brooks has a tryout with the Cincinnati Bengals during this weekend's rookie minicamp. Brooks is a former transfer from Rutgers, where he generated 800 yards and ten touchdowns during his two seasons there. However some reports suggested inconsistencies before his transfer to his parents' alma mater. ESPN's Scouting Inc service ranked him the 19th-best full back prospect heading into the 2012 NFL draft.

We hate to say it for any aspiring college football player looking to land in the NFL, but his chances of joining the Bengals are minimal at best.

Chris Pressley is the team's starting full back, especially after signing a two-year deal worth $2.1 million during the offseason. Plus he was listed as the league's eighth-best full back according to Pro Football Focus. James Develin, who has been on Cincinnati's practice squad since week 13 in 2010, was part of Jay Gruden's national championship team in 2010 with the UFL's Florida Tuskers. Though the practice squad rules tend to be convoluted, we're fairly certain that Develin remains eligible.

However it's not uncommon for the Bengals to bring in rookies for a tryout during rookie minicamp to add more bodies to the overall structure of the practices. And if Brooks is impressive enough, then they have an option if something happens to Pressley or Develin.