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Former Bengals Wide Receiver Chad Ochocinco To Workout With The Miami Dolphins

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Former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco, recently released by the New England Patriots, is expected to workout with the Miami Dolphins this week according to Jason La Canfora with According to La Canfora, Ochocinco would "love to be a Dolphin". Ochocinco has deep roots in Miami. Along with being where he was born, Ochocinco grew up in the area and attended Miami Beach High School.

The connection to the Miami Dolphins goes back to 2008 when Chad Ochocinco begged any and every team to make a trade for him, simply looking to get out of Cincinnati. Often citing the new to win a championship, Ochocinco's demand was never capitulated and in a sense of irony, the Bengals returned to the playoffs with Chad the following season. Though the Dolphins never made any known overtures for Chad at the time, the Dolphins were often mentioned as a possible trading partner, with most citing Chad's ties to the region.

To be honest we're still waiting for the Oakland Raiders to get involved, because everyone wants to see the Palmer/Chad connection -- and then watch Palmer squirm after acquiring a player that many suspect he was trying to avoid. But we're just speculating. Either way our popcorn is full of butter, watching the Bengals solidify their foundation while former Bengals are finding out that life after Bengals hasn't been that great.