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Andrew Whitworth On Chad Ochocinco: He Was More Of A Performer And Entertainer

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When asked about the difference between former Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco and rising star A.J. Green, offensive lineman and team leader Andrew Whitworth added his perspective (per's Rapid Reports):

"Chad was more of a performer and entertainer," he said. "He progressed to that. I don't think he always was that. He was a guy who had exceptional feet and all that stuff, but he was kind of on his own. That was kind of his personality."

This somewhat mirrors former Bengals center Eric Ghiaciuc's comments, calling the Bengals lockerroom a distraction (hinting at Chad Ochocinco) after the center wasn't offered a contract following the 2008 season. Ghiaciuc said in June of 2009:

"As much as you try to focus on football with your day-to-day routine of meetings, lifting, walkthroughs, practices, games, you can focus but it’s still there," Ghiaciuc said of the distractions. "It’s like when you turn your head, it’s still behind you. I think we were doing our best to focus on what needed to be focused on in our profession, but it was there and it was a bit of a problem."

Chad fired back soon after saying that "Ghiaciuc's play was a distraction. Of all people to call me that." Let's just conclude that they were both distractions and be done with it.

We're fairly certain that Chad won't have much to say about Whitworth's perspective, though admittedly he didn't call him a distraction; only someone that favored entertainment (Boardwalk Empire style) than actual football.