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League Officially Announces Dontay Moch's Four-Game Suspension

The NFL announced that Bengals linebacker/defensive end will be serving a four-game suspension for using a banned substance.

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The NFL has reportedly notified Dontay Moch of his NFL suspension, making it official that the second-year linebacker will miss the first four games to kickoff the 2012 regular season, according to multiple reports. Back in May the league was reportedly suspending Moch four games for using a banned substance, which was pending an appeal. In late May Moch tweeted that "mistakes happen, learn and move forward."

Moch's rookie season last year was essentially wiped out when he suffered a broken foot during the preseason, compounded by a series of migraines that kept him from playing any games during the regular season. Moch recently said that he believes that doctors have his migraines under control.