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A.J. Green Excited About Upcoming Workout With Larry Fitzgerald

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At some point following Cincinnati's final minicamp practice on Thursday, and before the team launches their first training camp practice on July 27, wide receiver A.J. Green will work out in Arizona with wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. Initial reports in April suggested that Green would participate in Fitzgerald's football camp, however that's held in Minnesota, not Arizona. So we're not sure if this is the same anticipated workout or separate.

For his part Green is excited for the workout with Fitzgerald.

"I've always liked how he goes up and gets the ball," Green said. "His knowledge for the game -- he's probably not the fastest guy, but he runs some of the best routes. Just going out there and learning some of the stuff he does. I just want to get some little tips."

Our own Jack Cassidy detailed the overall improvement by receivers after participating in Fitzgerald's football camp.

Earlier this year Green worked out with Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson.