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Former Bengals Antwan Odom Generating Interest With The Ravens And Broncos

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According to NFL Insider Jason La Canfora with, former Bengals defensive end Antwan Odom is generating some interest around the league, despite the fact he's been out of the league since 2010, when he only took part in four games thanks to injuries and a four-game suspension. La Canfora writes:

Similarly, teams are eyeing Odom as a possible value play, though he is much further removed from his top form. Odom suffered from wrist issues and had his career derailed by having a pin put in the wrong spot during a surgery when he was a Bengal, according to his agent, Tony Agnone, "that resulted in a worker's comp settlement."

Odom, 30, hasn't played more than a half season since 2008 and has only 10 appearances since 2009, but began lifting weights again several weeks ago. Teams like Baltimore and Denver are watching, knowing how little pass rush help is generally available. It makes sense, considering Odom racked up eight sacks in six games in 2009.

At last report in mid-April, Odom was working on a return to the NFL, with La Canfora (at the time with the NFL Network) reporting that teams like the Atlanta Falcons and Tennessee Titans were monitoring Odom's progress.

At least his career as a special guest referee in professional wrestling was a one-time thing. But let's assume that for now until he catches on with an NFL team.