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Report: Court Ruling Deems Adam Jones To Pay For Previous Shooting

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It appears that the past demons of Adam "Pacman" Jones have reared their ugly head again. According to famed news/gossip site, TMZ, a Nevada court ruling is forcing Adam Jones to approximately $11 million in damages for the infamous strip club shooting that occurred in 2007. The money that Jones owes will be paid to the two security guards that were shot in the incident--Aaron Cudworth and Thomas Urbanski.

TMZ reports:

The security guards sued Pacman over the shooting -- even though he was not the shooter.

Moments ago, a Nevada jury found Jones to be responsible for the shooting and awarded Cudworth $1.3 million in damages. Urbanski -- who was paralyzed from the waist down in the incident -- got $9.6 million.

We suspect that we'll hear more about this case as time goes on, including possible action on Jones' part to fight this ruling. It might be hard for Jones to come up with this kind of money, as his most recent contract that was signed this offseason was a one-year hovering around the veteran minimum salary. We also suspect that we'll start hearing the "Bengals love criminals" rhetoric again, even though this is a ruling on an old incident that occurred while Jones was with the Tennessee Titans. We'll publish more news on this story as we hear it.