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Bengals Banter: Former Bengals Players In Broadcasting

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+ As we pointed out on Tuesday, former Cincinnati Bengals linebacker David Pollack is furthering his transition from player on the field to college football analyst in the booth. Not only has his transition been seamless, he's actually become very good at what he does. Now he's joining ESPN's crew during the network's national college football game on Thursday nights. As great as this is for him, and as happy as we are for him and his post-football career, Pollack adds to a growing community of former Bengals commentators on television or the radio, as color analysts during the game or in the studio.

Names like Cris Collinsworth, Boomer Esiason, Bob Trumpy, Anthony Munoz, Dave Lapham (who also did national college football games), John Thornton (who also called West Virginia games), Artrell Hawkins, Solomon Wilcots, Roy Williams (at Oklahoma) and Sam Wyche (among others we've failed to mention), have all had their hand in broadcasting. Even former Bengals safety Chris Crocker might get into the field:

"I've become a self-made expert. I've met a lot of people in the league. I've made just as many contacts as anybody. If you're a former player it's easier to take that route. I may be able to get an interview somebody else can't because I played with that guy or I know that coach or played under that GM. I think that's why you see so many former players going into it. The transition isn't painful."

Though we don't expect former Bengals to promote former glory-day stories (in some cases, there weren't any), the idea of seeing former players (some of them greats) is always a classic reminder that this franchise does have history. Well a reminder for older fans, but something younger fans needs exposure to (something we'll explore at a later date).

Moving on.

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