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Matt Bowen Breaks Down Andre Johnson's 40-Yard Touchdown During Cincinnati's Playoff Loss

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Matt Bowen, former safety in the NFL and current analyst with the National Football Post, dusts off the tape featuring Cincinnati's postseason loss to the Houston Texans, specifically breaking down Andre Johnson's 40-yard touchdown late in the third quarter. The score actually ignites Houston's advantage from a 17-10 lead, which thrust the Texans' momentum that would ultimately end with a 31-10 blowout. The play:

The double-move that Johnson puts on Bengals cornerback Adam Jones, frees his vertical route without much obstruction for the easy touchdown. Cincinnati ran a cover-one, meaning that Chris Crocker was free to play center field. He was far too late to help Jones. Bowen reacts:

Let’s start to the closed (strong) side of the formation. With the ball between the 40s (prime field position to take a shot), the Texans use Lead Draw action in the backfield and run the "Pin" concept (curl-post). To the open (weak) side, the double-move from Johnson vs. Pacman playing off-man.

He continues with a quick analysis of the double-move and Jones' technique.