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Bengals Banter: Time For Everyone To Get Off Of Jermaine Gresham's Case

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+ Our reasoning behind posting the story written by K.C. Joyner, calling Jermaine Gresham overrated, wasn't inclusive with our regularly explosive explicative ripping the writer. Quite honestly too many people get so consumed by their own statistical worlds that very common explorations that lay out fundamental pictures are often ignored. Joyner is no different.

Consider this. During Gresham's two seasons with the Bengals, he has been forced to learn two vastly, and respectfully complicated, offensive systems, taught by different offensive coordinators. During his rookie season, Gresham dealt with an offensive circus between Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens with Carson Palmer courting both like a panicstricken high school student one week before the senior prom.

Furthermore Gresham didn't have an offseason last year, like everyone else, to become acclimated within Jay Gruden's recently installed West Coast offense. All the while Gresham was learning this system with a rookie quarterback, also learning a new system, whom enjoyed his own courting moments with A.J. Green.

Finally Gresham has a distinct disadvantage right now within the broad NFL context, playing during an era with guys like Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham, compared due to the physical attributes that Gresham is viewed similarly as having.

We're not saying Gresham can't improve, won't improve or that he doesn't have room for improvement. Only that it's time for people to get off Gresham's case for a while. Gosh.

+ Of the the 2012 Cincinnati Bengals draft class, offensive guard Kevin Zeitler is the most likely of the bunch to start the regular season opener against the Baltimore Ravens.

+ Running back Cedric Peerman has high expectations entering training camp this year.

+ Cincinnati's kickoff against the San Diego Chargers in week 13 has been pushed back from 4:15 PM (ET) to 4:25 PM (ET).

+ Matt Bowen with National Football Post breaks down Andre Johnson's 40-yard touchdown reception during Cincinnati's playoff loss last year.

+ Our own Jason Garrison talks Bengals football on ONN-TV.

+ Comment of the Day comes from spif on our Banter from Thursday, talking about former Bengals in the broadcast booth:

And whenever I listen to Trumpy all I can imagine is him and that guy from the Men’s Wearhouse commercials smoking 12 packs of cigs before they go on air.