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Paul Daugherty On Adam Jones' Message To NFL Rookies

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Paul Daugherty with the Cincinnati Enquirer offers up one his usually unique commentaries, reflecting on the message that Bengals cornerback Adam Jones is presenting to the league's rookies during the NFL rookie symposium, which kicked off last Sunday and should wrap up this weekend.

Doc wrote in part:

Bob Dylan had it wrong when he sang, "I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now’’. Age is wisdom. Age is perspective. Age is knowing success and failure and how to navigate each.

"You’re accountable for your actions,’’ Jones told the rookies.

Chuckle, if you like. Cynicism is trendy now, so nod your head and savor the irony. The erstwhile Pacman Jones, telling people how to behave? The same guy who threw money at strippers in a Las Vegas club five years ago, then got mad when they took advantage of his generosity?

The guy who a judge recently ordered to pay $11 million, to two of the club employees, one of whom was paralyzed by a gunshot supposedly ordered by Jones himself, a charge he denies?

That guy?

That guy isn’t That Guy anymore, and hasn’t been for awhile. Jones asked to be allowed to speak to the rookies Thursday. He followed Michael Vick, another recovering miscreant. Even foolishness can be useful, when the perpetrator cites himself as an example of what not to do.

Give it a read. It offers a Daugherty-like perspective.